by The Patriots

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2nd EP - written and recorded back last year
Thanks people hope you like


released July 13, 2014

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Rhys Zacher @ Spinlight Studios



all rights reserved


The Patriots Newcastle, Australia

Joey Geyer
Jordan Avellis
Joseph van Lier
Drew Abell-King

In a short space of time these guys have pushed their sound in a pretty ambitious direction. I'm stoked on this one.
Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

This is just a big bright ball of fun exploding all over the place... whole lotta great!
Dom Alessio, triple j

I liked all of your songs immensely...Ripping stuff.
Alex Dyson, triple j
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Track Name: Where are all the Beach Towels?
Speaking through a gauze door
A suburban heart cage
Close your book once again
Or should I turn a page

You asked me to
Put it on repeat
Relive an altered trip
Sitting in his seat

(Do you believe yeah x2)
Do you believe in a hopeless love
(I need to see you x2)
I need to stop and say hey
(It had to be there x2)
It had to be with the waves and the sand
(When you think about, when you think her)
When you think that there's nothing in your way

The memories of this remind me
The memories of this fade

Cold clouds look so grey
They speak to me like a father
A weather family everyday
Blue cow mountain no other
Track Name: Another Time
When the sun goes down
The clouds turn yellow
All the palms begin to fade
And my brain goes slow

There's a ferry it isn't fast
And it floats me onto the harbour
Hopefully to where you are
So I can see you another


The city is nearly a sleep
Being six and a quarter
Lights intoxicate the street
And they laze on the water
Track Name: Luxembourg
Lights bright are flashing though our eyes are closed
You are laying down beneath and open window

(Feel I Feel you) (But I touch her)

Your head is on the end of my bed
It's but the afternoon am I being led
You gotta keep your feet from moving on

(On) from the start
(On) from that kiss our minds are opposite and

When you look
In you mind
Doesn't matter
What you find
Business is on time
All the secrets the (my) lies
Track Name: This Heart
In the morning when I, don't have no reason
I walk out into the haze, no one does the same
No one will ever know, but I still go
Without you

This love
This heart
Please love me
This love
This heart
This love me

In the morning when I say, we had not even crossed
Our paths when we came around, all things you don't have to say Anymore

Because (it's you x4)

In the morning light when I say all those things
Track Name: Empire Park
She runs down the hillside
All the way across the road
Fluorescent light shines bright
Hopefully she's out of sight

No reason today
No reason okay x2
No reason to stay for you

How do I talk to you
You were the one that went away
How do I how do I
You were the one that should've stayed

She sits on the floor
Thinks to herself what am I
Doing here tonight
I've been here once before

She's just alive
(Feel it in the room once again)