No Means Yes

by The Patriots

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First Ep
First Patriots


released August 10, 2013

All tracks recorded by Rhys Zacher @ Spinlight Studios



all rights reserved


The Patriots Newcastle, Australia

Joey Geyer
Jordan Avellis
Joseph van Lier
Drew Abell-King

In a short space of time these guys have pushed their sound in a pretty ambitious direction. I'm stoked on this one.
Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

This is just a big bright ball of fun exploding all over the place... whole lotta great!
Dom Alessio, triple j

I liked all of your songs immensely...Ripping stuff.
Alex Dyson, triple j
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Track Name: Flowers In Long Grass
She wanted more than her heart could take
Is it a question or the thoughts that came
I was not ready, ready to go
I wanted your hand to be all tonight

Come down with me
I really need you here
I need you to see me
Because tonight was so full of fear

We walked through New Lambton
Pass the pavement into a settlement
Lay there with me, in the long grass
Flowers will be yours if you decide to pass

Come down with me
I really need you here
A walk by the sea
Because the salt air is so clear

(she misses that night)
(she misses it all)
Track Name: High
I'm in a very dark room
The floor is so perfectly lit
From the big lights above
Makes me remember where I am

I'm just looking for my girl tonight
So we could've get high
See the faces popping out at me
In the back of my mind

I recognize
I recognize
A backyard
Near the sea
(I wish I hope that Emma's here x2)

People you know
People I see
People don't care
People are mean
(I wish I hope that Emma's here x2)

Tonight can't be a disaster
Shadows change a million minds
Seventeen birthday
It's all good right? Oh yeahhhh
Track Name: Newcastle Girl
I know I'm a Lake Macquarie boy
But I know you are a Newcastle Girl
I don't know where we are going
But I really want to spend the night with you

I see you sitting in the back seat
You're the version of my side view mirror
And I hear the thunder shouting
I think it's calling out our names

I always look when she's not looking up
In English class when she's all mine
It's really awkward when our eyes meet
I think she's sending me a Newi sign
Track Name: Red Dress Ray Bans
Your red dress matches your raybans
You claim you can kiss me anyway
And anyway and anywhere
So baby why don't you just try it

Baby the way the moonlight shines in your eyes
Makes me feel like the most valuable prize
I love your feelings they are a room full of light yeah
So why won't you dance with me?

Make me loose my mind

Your red dress matches your lipstick
But it's not as good as the taste
Come on baby come on baby
Come to receive your sunset
Track Name: Weekend
Come to see the world with me
Do it to open your eyes
I love that music hear it come
Up and over the horizon

I see her again in the crowd
Lots of people standing around
I saw you holding he's hand
One more song for this band

I saw you left me for the weekend
Was it you that always cared

Nothing matters now that you're not here
I wrote this story into a song
Why don't you care like I do you
All of my secrets were very wrong

She sang (ohh)